Research & Development

We have a team of engineers is using different programming languages such as C # and C ++ and BHP and asp Dot Net and deal with Rules MySQL data and the SQL Server and Oracle to design programs and sites ... in addition to the professional dealing with different operating systems (Windows and Linux)and we have professional engineers in networking and linking programs on the Internet and deal with it from anywhere in the world via Any Web browser... Read More

Calibration & Maintenance

We got staff of more than fifty engineers , technicians , chemists and other members to handle all equipment including installation ,training , commissionning , warranty & maintenance ; working on the job for 24 hours a day , seven days a week , 365 days a year . there is no single test equipment we aren't familiar with. Most of our work is focused upon two segments
.... Read More


The company offers products from a wide large number of customers primarily in Egypt. We are the sole agent distributor of Cole Parmer ( products and solutions in Egypt.... Read More

PCB design

Each PCB design has unique needs, and guidelines must be customized as required. We work closely with clients to assess specific PCB layout challenges from low-cost commercial products to more complex concepts.
We are also capable of writing the microcontroller firmware based on the specific needs of your project.... Read More



Tire Lab

Tire lab project description


Lock Tester

Lock tester project description


Door Tester

Door tester project description...


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Alexandria, Egypt


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Year Founded: 2006

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